Kati Bihu 2023: Celebrations, traditions and significance

Kati Bihu, one of the most important festivals of Assam, marks the beginning of the agricultural season in the region. Celebrated in October, it is the time when people of Assam pay homage to the deities, seek blessings for a bountiful harvest and engage in various cultural and traditional activities. In this article, we will highlight the celebrations, traditions and deep significance of Kati Bihu in 2023.

Importance of Kati Bihu

Kaati Bihu, also known as Kangali Bihu or Durga Bihu, falls in the Assamese month of Kaati. It holds great importance for the people of Assam as it is closely linked to agriculture. The timing of the festival is important as it is in the middle of the farming season when newly planted paddy crops require special care.

Agricultural Importance

Kati Bihu is often called the 'Festival of Light'. This is because, during this time, farmers light and keep lamps in the paddy fields to ward off insects and pests that damage the crops. It is a way of praying for a good harvest and protecting the young paddy plants.

Observance of rituals

In many homes, the ritual of worshiping the Tulsi plant is also performed, which is considered sacred and is believed to protect the family from evil spirits. Lighting lamps, praying and making offerings are common practices during Kati Bihu.

Preparations and Decoration

Preparations for Kati Bihu start weeks in advance. Houses and surroundings are cleaned, and people engage in various activities to ensure a festive and positive atmosphere.

Lighting the lamp

As mentioned earlier, lighting the lamp or 'Sakis' is one of the main customs associated with Kati Bihu. These lamps are placed in various places, especially paddy fields, to illuminate the surrounding environment.

Decorating the house

Houses are decorated with rangoli (kolam) patterns made of rice powder. These intricate designs not only make the house beautiful but also hold cultural and spiritual significance.

Cultural Festival

Kati Bihu is not just about agriculture and rituals; It is also a time of fun and cultural celebrations.

Traditional Bihu Dance

Bihu dance is an important part of Kati Bihu celebration. Young and old people come together to perform this vibrant and energetic dance. The dance is often accompanied by traditional Assamese music.

Traditional Dress

People wear their traditional Assamese dress, women wear Mekhla Chadar and men wear dhoti and gamosa. The vibrant colors and patterns of these costumes add to the festive atmosphere.


Kati Bihu 2023, with its deep traditions and agricultural significance, is a festival that celebrates not only the culture of Assam but also the hard work and dedication of its farmers. It reminds of the connection between people and their land, and is a time to ask for blessings for a prosperous harvest.

As lamps are lit in the paddy fields and the sound of Bihu songs echo in the air, Kati Bihu brings a feeling of unity and celebration in the hearts of the people of Assam. It is a time when tradition, culture and agriculture come together to create a unique and meaningful celebration.

So, as you watch Kati Bihu in 2023, take a moment to appreciate the rich tapestry of Assamese culture and the dedication of its people to the land that sustains them. In the glow of the Sakis and the rhythm of the Bihu dance, you will find a celebration that is truly special.

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